Why visit in salon?

I offer a very niche specialised service and ensure your privacy and comfort comes first. To truely understand hair loss, wigs, toppers ,hair extensions and colour matching all of the above you need immense industry experience. This is my speciality , and you always come first.

Various Hair Extension methods

Hair Extensions

At Black Hair Salon in Christchurch Canterbury, we specialise in 100% human hair extensions using a variety of methods like tape, k-tip, and micro bond extensions.

With our extensive stock of various lengths and colours, we can find the perfect match for each client. Our team of experts will carefully choose the most suitable method for your individual needs.

Trust us for high-quality hair extensions and a professional experience. Book an appointment with us and let us give you the gorgeous hair you've always dreamed of.

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match your hair extensions to perfection


At Black Hair Salon, I pride myself on being a highly skilled hair colourist who can transform your hair into your desired colour.

I use my expertise to achieve the perfect shade and also provide colour matching services for any hair extensions, replacement systems, wigs, or toppers that you may choose.

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Thinning or Balding

I understand that hair loss, alopecia, and thinning can be a sensitive issue for both men and women. That's why I offer personalised solutions to address these concerns.

We start with a thorough consultation to understand your specific situation and any underlying factors that may be impacting your hair.

We then discuss various options, including in-salon treatments and at-home solutions, such as using specific products, wigs, toppers, and systems that are easy to wear and provide instant results.

While pricing may vary, we highly recommend booking a 45-minute private consultation for an in-depth understanding of your needs.

Trust me to help you regain your confidence and achieve beautiful, healthy hair.

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Frequently asked questions

Is your salon private?

YES . Your privacy comes first. You can request a completely private consult and appointment to feel truely safe and comfortable.

What hair extensions do you use?

I source my own high quality, ethically sourced 100% human hair . I use custom made and designed hair to ensure a perfect colour match and blend. I also customise this to each individual.

Do you offer curly extensions?

I offer both straight and curly hair extensions in various lengths , styles and colours.

What products can I use on my new hair?

MY perfected brand of hair care, "Gingko" has been hand made and custom designed to react absolutely beautiful with all of my wigs , hair pieces and hair extensions. I will match you up to your perfect blend of ingredients at your initial appointment to ensure longevity , softness and shine.

Imagine this, breaking free from the stereotype, that you can't do something to regain your confidence.